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President of Russian Federation. Telegram
Dear Vladimir Ivanovich!
Heartly congratulate You with the 70-years anniversary!
The man of large and many-sided talent, You are not got accustomed to find easy and beaten ways in science. Energy and bravery of creative mind allowed You to take great part in the development of mechanics and control theory. Today Your discoveries serve to economic and defensive interests of Russia in many different areas - from stock-raising and plant-growing to space developing. Collegues deservedly consider You to be a magnificient teacher. You generously share Your knowledge and experience with Your students. You created Your own scientific school with the traditions of selfless devotion to science. No doubt that these traditions will be kept by new generations of scientists, disciples of Saint-Petersburg State University. Heartly wish You, dear Vladimir Ivanovich, strong health, prosperity and everything most nice. Deputy of President of Russian Federation V.V. Putin.
President of Russian Academy of Sciences. State Telegram
Dear Vladimir Ivanovich. Heartly congratulate You, such a distinguished scientist, outstanding organizer of science and talented teacher, who took great part in the development of theory of differential equations, theory of stability of automatic and optimal control, with the 70-years anniversary.
I wish You good health, happiness, courage and new creative successes in Your activity for the blessing of science and fatherland. President of Russian Academy of Sciences Academician Osipov.
Governor of Saint-Petersburg. Congratulation Letter
Dear Vladimir Ivanovich!
Heartly greet You, magnificient Russian scientist, about Your anniversary!
Your fundamental researches in the theory of movement stability, theory of automatic control and theory of optimal processes allow to solve important applied problems. The successor of scientific school of mathematical theory of stability and control processes, You have trained a pleiad of young scientists, who worthy present Russian science in the international scene.
Your scientific and educational activity is crowned with the recognition of Your valuable contribution to development of Russian and world science, many state awards and honorary ranks, decorated with love and respect of collegues and students.
At the day of honorable 70-years anniversary my congratulations and best wishes to You, dear Vladimir Ivanovich!
Governor of Saint-Petersburg V.A. Yakovlev.

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