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SECAM provides new service for students to get education in another universities and instituets of Russia in chosen specialization. Such education can be received while studying in SECAM or separately.

Education Programms in Russia
SECAM provides all sorts of services, such as visa service, legalization of documents for students, getting education in SECAM or other universities of Russian Federation. This allows to reduce the amount of money spent for studying and living.

Advantages of such offer:

1. Safety
Arriving students spend 2-4 weeks each year to pass examinations, get consultations and receive needed scientific literature. Studying process (session) takes place during the summer period, mostly visited by foreign tourists. Students (and their relatives) can combine study with trips of Saint-Petersburg and it's environs. Living is organized with compactness, using state and non-state security services.

2. Economy of money and time
Climate zone of Russia, exactly Saint-Petersburg, pressuposes the availability of winter clothes and nourishing diet. Using our schemes of studying education can be realized during the summer period once a year. This helps to save money (not less than 3000 USD / year).

3. Variety of education programms
Using SECAM visa service student can choose nearly any specialization with getting diploma of Russian state standard of chosen specialization. Diplomas are given by the universities, where students study.

SECAM Education Programms

Important Information
In Russian Federation there are two basic forms of studying process: full-time and by correspondence. Full-time students study every day except day offs and holidays. During the tuition by correspondence students study special scientific and methodical literature and visit university one or two times a year to pass exams and tests, get consultations and new literature and tasks.
based on Russian Federation Law "Аbout Education"

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If You want to receive more information and ask more questions, contacts us by email: secam-rus@mail.ru

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