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Singer of Science Zubov Vladimir Ivanovich
(14.04.1930 – 28.10.2000)
Founder of the Science-Education Center of Applied Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg state university, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor, head of department of control theory.

Brief History
In September 1969 in Leningrad state university (nowadays – Saint-Petersburg state university) the Science-educational center (SEC) of applied mathematics and control processes was organized and faculty of applied mathematics – control processes (AM-CP) was opened – the first structural Center’s subdivision. In May 1971 as a part of SEC the Scientific research institute of applied mathematics and control processes was opened (nowadays – Saint-Petersburg state university’s Scientific research institute of applied mathematics and control processes in name of V.I.Zubov). It was a time of rapid development of cosmic engineering, space near Earth assimilation, long distance piloted and not piloted automatic flights to the objects of Sun system, and, of course, it was a time applied mathematics methods development and integration into all these fields.

Earlier than 200 B.C. great Archimedes claimed, that he can rotate the Earth sphere, if he gain the foot-hold. Idea of space body rotation with help of “lever” was found to be rational. Scientists and engineers of SEC realized it by building the relative movement, whose result provides the appearance of Coriolos forces and moments, which really control the rotating movement of space apparatuses without the considerable mass outlay.

Many generations of remarkable scientists studied electrical phenomenon in nature, trying to control such occurrences. Scientists and engineers of SEC created the methods of charged particles wisps control with help of electromagnetic field, solved the problem of wisp’s transportation in proposed physical channel, it’s focusing and hastening. One more step – and the fireball will submit to science’s will. Scientists can control it, but still not posses it’s creation.

Many thousands of years humanity spent for developing of ship and airplane navigation methods. Scientists and engineers of SEC created methods which allow to control the position of moving objects and methods of space equipment and other sky objects control, arming sky ballistics and space dynamics with scientific devices and automats.

10th of October 1969 – the day of council’s first meeting is decided to be the birth date of AP-MP faculty. Vladimir Ivanovich Zubov, professor and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences was appointed to fulfil the duties of AM-CP faculty dean. At the same time the content of temporary study-methodical council was affirmed under the chairmanship of Valentin Valentinovich Novozhilov, academician of AS (Academy of Sciences) USSR, member of Royal society of ship engineers (Great Britain). The members of temporary study-methodical council were: A.N.Tikhonov, academician of AS USSR, member of Berlin and Paris academies, Y.V. Linnik, academician of AS USSR, member of Swedish academy, N.N.Krasovsky, academician of AS USSR, N.P.Erugin, AS BSSR institute of mathematics principal, academician of AS BSSR, N.N.Moiseev, academician of AS USSR, professor G.I.Makarov, professor V.I.Zubov, professor V.S.Novoselov, professor K.F.Chernih, lecturer N.M.Matveev, lecturer V.P.Skitovich, lecturer N.E.Kirin (the secretary of council), representatives of armed forces professor R.A.Nelepin and professor N.G.Barinov.

Council resolved to open 14 chair in AM-CP faculty. The idea was to touch all most perspective directions of newest technologies and methods development. Time of SEC organization concurred with the time of active integration of computer technologies into all branches of science and engineering, so the questions of complex systems mathematical modeling and computer studying of such models came to first sight.

Control theory chair, headed by professor V.I.Zubov became the base chair of AM-CP faculty (with control, navigation and reliability as the main scientific directions). Ideas and methods of his world famous monograph “Methods of Lyapunov and their application” were used in 1962 as a basis of laboratory of devices and mechanisms control theory, and then, in 1968, on its fundament chair of control theory was created. Many employees and aspirants of this chair became later famous scientists, heads of chairs in Leningrad university and other institutes of higher education.

In 1968 V.I.Zubov became the laureate of USSR state reward for his cycle of works about the automatic regulation theory. Giving him the State reward, president of AS USSR academician Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldish marked: “Works of Vladimir Ivanovich Zubov got wide fame in our country and abroad. His deep research of movement stability theory, theory of automatic control and theory of optimal processes allows to solve significant applied problems, exactly in area of constructing control automats, stabilizing program moves. Zubov’s methods are effective also when applied to problems of control, which appear in industry, mathematical economics, biology and medicine, ship navigation” (“Pravda” newspaper, 9th of November 1968, article “In forefront of technical progress”).

26th of May 1971 the decision was made to create as a part of Leningrad university the Scientific research institute of calculation mathematics and control processes (SRI of CM and CP in name of V.I.Zubov) and as a part of AM-CP faculty the special 3-years faculty to train and retrain applied mathematics specialists. These divisions became part of Study-education center AM-CP. Center was given a task of realizing scientific research, training and retraining specialist of higher qualification in complex problems of science in accordance with main scientific directions:

• Creation of mathematical software for computers and computer complexes;
• Creation of mathematical software for automated and automatic control systems;
• Realization of research and development in area of technical objects and technological processes control automation in special branches of machine building based on computer usage;

So, by 1972 the formation of SEC AM-CP LSU has been almost finished, including:
• Faculty of applied mathematics – control processes (nowadays – 17 chairs),
• Science research institute of applied mathematics and control processes (13 science research laboratories),
• Special faculty for training and retraining specialists of applied mathematics – control processes.

In 1997 V.I.Zubov Science School “Control processes and stability” achieved the grant of President of Russian Federation for state support of Russian leading scientific schools.

At the same time grant of President of Russian Federation for state support of Russian leading scientific schools achieved the K.F.Chernih Science School “Non-linear problems of mechanics and solid body physics”, founded by V.V.Novozhilov, academician of AS USSR.

Since 1962 next subjects were developed by the scientists of Center of applied mathematics – control processes:

• Mathematical theory of rotation movement control and system of orientation for “Proton”-kind satellites, moving objects like moon trolley, “Vega”-stations, etc.;
• Mathematical theory of navigating software based on fundamental complexing of different navigation devices for precision definition of orientation and position control for flying and underwater apparatuses;
• Mathematical theory of wisps of charged particles control, which solves the problem of transporting, focusing and hastening ion wisps while creating electro physical equipment of different purpose;
• Mathematical methods of power and stocks allocation into branches of national economy, including ways of improving cattle-breeding and plant-growing branches allocation.
• Program of tomorrow nuclear-hydrogenous power engineering, including creating of underground nuclear-hydrogenous stations net for producing electrical energy, hydrogen as an energy-carrier and oxygen for supply of vital activity of plants, animals and for improving sanitary conditions of habitat (this provides exclusive cycle of waste utilization and achievement of safety level three times higher than safety level of over-ground stations);
• Science complex of medical and biological problems research was created based on SRI and city medical centers in area of functional systems diagnostics, biochemistry and monitoring;
• Non-linear theory of singular featured bodies resilience, with new models of rods, plates and envelopes.

By the Government resolutions Center of AM-CP was many times tasked to realize unique scientific researches in developing mathematical problems of technical objects and technological processes control processes, in developing of power and stocks allocation methods.

As a part of federal aim “Integration” program the development and support of SEC is realized in questions of “Applied mathematics – control processes and physic-technical problems of ecologically pure power engineering”.

One of the most important directions of SEC is the development of international community and cooperation based on intergovernmental scientific programs and joint scientific projects. Among the partners of SEC of AM-CP, with reached mutual close and resulting scientific contacts, there are world famous universities and acknowledged science research centers: Heidelberg, Hanover, Hamburg and Leipzig universities (Germany); Barcelona university (Spain); Stockholm university (Sweden); universities of Bologna (Italy), Lozano (Switzerland); Cambridge (Great Britain), California and Michigan universities (USA); university of Seoul (South Korea); Oriente university (Cuba); Osaka university, National laboratory of higher energies physics (Japan) and other.

Since 1990 international conferences and symposiums are realized regularly based on SEC AM-CP:

1991 – Interregional hydrogen technology and power engineering meeting.

1994 – 1998 – Annual international conference of wisps dynamics and optimization (BDO). During this conference year by year the scientific fundament is worked out for solving problems, connected with creation for modern hastening installations, which can be used in creating underground nuclear-hydrogenous complexes and other energy-systems based on hydrogen.

In 1999 the Third International hydrogen power engineering and technology symposium (HYPOTHESIS-III) was leaded based on SEC AM-CP as a part of “Integration” program. More than 200 Russian and about 100 foreign scientists took part in Symposium work. As a part of Symposium the school for young scientists, aspirants and students called “Applied mathematics – control processes and physical and technical problems of ecologically pure power engineering” was realized.

Every year more than 70 works based on SEC AM-CP subject are made at International conferences and symposiums, including works of plenary reports level. More than 300 monographs was published by the SEC scientists since the day of its organization, also the larger part of them was published abroad. More than 6 thousand of articles have been published.

More than 40 doctors and 130 candidates of sciences teach at the AM-CP faculty and carry on scientific research of SRI of CM and CP in name of V.I.Zubov subject.

Active scientific work of the collective is used as a fundament of learning process in the Center of AM-CP. In their work the scientists are guided by the theory of common linear and non-linear differential equations and differential equations in partial derivatives. The main methods of research are connected with qualitative, analytical and numeral ways of such equation analysis.

Complex laboratory works, in which the mathematical modeling theory, laws of natural science and computers are connected, are used in learning process. The same aim is pursued by the students’ diploma works and aspirants’ dissertational research. State mathematics exams also strive the aim of systematic training. State attestation commission of AM-CP faculty is traditionally headed by remarkable scientists: academician Y.P.Osipov, academician N.S.Solomenko, corresponding member of RAS B.K.Abalakin and others. At the early stage of studying students are involved into the work of SRI in different scientific problems. Center aspirants are involved into the scientific work in the SRI too. Their part in scientific research creates very valuable reserve for scientific collective and increases the quality of learning process. Best of final-year students are being recommended to post-graduate work and usually stay for the work in the Center.

Science personnel of SRI of CM and CP, scientists and practical workers of academic and branches’ SRI and construction bureaus take part in learning process side by side with professors and lecturers. This provides the constant connection between the Center and SRI, construction bureaus and industrial enterprises. All final-year works are connected with solution of applied mathematics fundamental problems. Teachers of AM-CP faculty at the same time continue to be the personnel of SRI of calculating mathematics and control processes, they work as the study supervisors, executive officials or participants of fundamental research, realized in the institute.

Starting for 3th grade, students are assigned to the chairs. So there is one doctor or candidate of sciences for each three students. High level of scientific study supervising is displayed in diploma works, which in many cases are being recommended for publishing and become later the basis of dissertational research. Student get the publications during the learning process and work in institute subject.

Doctor of physic-mathematical sciences, professor L.A.Petrosyan, who heads the chair of mathematical theory of games and statistical solutions, has been working since 1975 till nowadays as the dean of AM-CP faculty.

Doctor of physic-mathematical sciences, professor D.A.Ovsyannikov, who heads the chair of electro-physical apparatus control systems theory and the laboratory of numeral analysis methods, works as the principal of SRI of CM and CP in name of V.I.Zubov.

Candidate of physic-mathematical sciences, lecturer A.V.Zubov, the chair of microprocessor control systems mathematical theory lecturer, had been working as the dean of special AM-CP faculty from 1994 to 2001.

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