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Singer of Science Zubov Vladimir Ivanovich
(14.04.1930 Ц 28.10.2000)
Founder of the Science-Education Center of Applied Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg state university, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor, head of department of control theory.

Brief Biographical Information
V.I. Zubov was born on the 14th of April 1930 in Kashir town of Moscow region, where he finished in 1945 the incomplete secondary school. In 1946 he came to Leningrad and continued his study at secondary school, after finishing which he entered the Leningrad state university in 1949.
In 1953 V.I. Zubov finished the mathematics-mechanics faculty of Leningrad university. Since 1955 he is the candidate of physical-mathematical sciences, since 1960 Ц doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, since 1963 Ц professor. In 1968 he was rewarded with the title of the laureate of State Prize of USSR for his series of works about theory of automatic regulation. In 1981 V.I. Zubov was elected as the Corresponding Member of Academy of Sciences of USSR in the area of mechanics and control processes. In October 1998 he was given a title of Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation.
V.I. Zubov was married (since 1950), his wife Zubova Aleksandra Fedorovna is the doctor of technical sciences, professor. Vladimir Ivanovich was the father of six children and the grandfather of twenty grandchildren.

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