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V.I.Zubov in the library Zubov Vladimir Ivanovich
(14.04.1930 28.10.2000)
Founder of the Science-Education Center of Applied Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg state university, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor, head of department of control theory.

General Characteristics of Scientific and Organizational Work
From 1955 till 1962 V.I.Zubov senior research worker of the science research institute of mathematics and mechanics of LSU, since 1962 head of laboratory of control devices, since 1967 and till the end of his life head of the department of control theory of the faculty of applied mathematics and control processes of SPbSU.
V.I. Zubov made a valuable contribution to development of quality theory of differential equations, theory of solid body movement, theory of optimal control, theory of electromagnetic fields. He headed the development of wide variety of questions connected with theory of controlled systems: questions of movement stability, nonlinear oscillations of the controlled systems, navigation and reliability of the control devices, theory of oscillations and orbits quantizing.
He published more than 170 scientific works, including 20 monographs and educational supplies, three of which were republished abroad in English and French. Works of V.I. Zubov gained high appraisal by remarkable Russian and foreign scientists, and his works connected with the development of methods of M. Lyapunov in movement stability were marked by the University Prize in 1962.
During all his 43-years scientific-teaching work V.I.Zubov constantly headed the scientific research in most actual areas.
V.I. Zubov systematically realized active work in training and advancing of the scientific staff in the area of applied mathematics and control processes, and the main attention was paid on the training of candidates and doctors of science. By the apprentices of V.I. Zubov 20 doctor and about 100 candidate dissertations were protected. Scientific group of the high-qualified scientists and research engineers was created, which continues to work effectively in the area of solving different applied problems. Control processes and stability scientific school of V.I. Zubov is the laureate of the 1996 competition of the state support of the leading Russian schools. In the 1962 for the fundamental research in the area of mathematical theory of control processes and movement stability and in 1996 for the series of works Problems of control processes stability V.I. Zubov was rewarded with the University Prizes.
Side by side with the active scientific and teaching work V.I. Zubov leaded huge social work, was the President of Saint-Petersburg charitable fund for the blind and hard seeing children, member of American fund of doctors-ortopractical.
V.I. Zubov kept up the contacts with several science-research and industrial enterprises, realized the direction of the faculty methodical commission and specialized council of doctor dissertations protection. V.I. Zubov was the chairman of the International seminar Dynamics of pencils and optimization, International symposium Hydrogen power engineering, theoretical and engineering solutions, XI International seminar IFAC Control Applications of Optimization.
Based on deep research in the area of applied mathematics control processes under the leadership of V.I. Zubov the next institutions were founded: laboratory of the theory of controlling devices and mechanisms (1962), department of control theory (1967), faculty of applied mathematics control processes (1969) and science research institute of calculating mathematics and control processes (1971). V.I. Zubov was the creator of Center of AM-CP, by the solution of the Government of USSR in 1969 he was assigned as the duty executor of the dean of faculty of applied mathematics control processes.

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