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V.I.Zubov Zubov Vladimir Ivanovich
(14.04.1930 28.10.2000)
Founder of the Science-Education Center of Applied Mathematics of Saint-Petersburg state university, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, laureate of the State Prize, Honored Science Worker of Russian Federation, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor, head of department of control theory.

Area of Scientific Interests
President of Russian Academy of Sciences academician M.V. Keldish, in connection with the reward of V.I. Zubov with the State Prize of USSR, marked: Works of Vladimir Ivanovich Zubov got wide fame in our country and abroad. His deep research of movement stability theory, theory of automatic control and theory of optimal processes allows to solve significant applied problems, exactly in area of constructing control automats, stabilizing program moves. Zubovs methods are effective also when applied to problems of control, which appear in industry, mathematical economics, biology and medicine, ship navigation.
In 1957 V.I. Zubov was first time invited to take part in creation of the newest mechanics and deep scientific technologies. The research was realized in next areas:
1. Creation of the systems of inertial navigation, where V.I. Zubov solved the problem of deviation of axis of gyroscopic systems in depending of nutational oscillations and kinetic moment of gyroscopes rotor inertion.
2. Projection, creation and exploitation of homing systems of wing projectiles (as the established deputy of General constructor).
3. Creation of precision systems of space flying apparatuses position control for the Proton system as the task of Interdepartmental science-technical council of space research (ISTC of SR, chairman president of AS of USSR M.V. Keldish).
4. Creation of systems of space flying apparatuses rotating movement control for precision orientation of sensitive devices axis based on the magnetohydrodynamical systems of conducting liquids movement control inside closed contours.
5. Solution of problem of charged particles wisps control for their transportation in the proposed physical channel, focusing and hastening.
6. Information transmission with the help of using apparatus of recurrent functions, which does not allow the control processes affection of the counteracting hindrances (in the engineering practice the terminology of random numbers data units and control with the help of such data units is taken).
7. By the performance of the academicians M.A. Lavrentiev, S.L. Sobolev and S.A. Christianovich since 1960 V.I. Zubov was assigned as the leader of the group of planning of the operation-tactical actions of the USSR Navy in all the theatres of possible navy operations with the aim of neutralization of aircraft carriers force formations of USA.
In all directions of the listed practical work V.I. Zubov received fundamental scientific results in the area of control processes and movement stability, which are now published in open print. But results of some investigations are still published only in prints of special purpose.

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